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The short story:
Is a 03 into an 00 frame a direct swap?
I have an 00 ZX9R. The trans has never seemed right. Well it seems to have gone out as of this point. I hear gears mashing and have no power. I found an 03 for $600 on Craigslist. Any advise is appreciated.

The long story:
In Sacramento got basically got divorced. (10 years living with her. Really hard relationship. Always fighting) I still love her. After she left one night and never came back, (left me completely emotionally hollowed) I started hopping around from woman to woman because I had no one. No friends, nothing. She even came in and took the damn pain in the ass cat I rescued.

Then I meet this girl at work that seems great but I realize I'm too messed up to even really enjoy her. I kept trying to break it off with her but she wouldn't let it happen. (I'm a sucker for a woman with tears in her eyes.) Well... then looks like she cheats on me and wont even admit it. This turns into, I don't know for sure but I do know I caught you lying and her story doesn't match up and she refused to make any real attempt to settle my mind. So I'm thinking either way forget this.. I'm out! Well that turns into a complete mental wreck of going back and forth because she great to be around and I have a great time with her but can't trust anything she says.

Some how this turn into me want to get a Motorcycle like I have always wanted. I find one I like in SoCal next to my brother. I asked him to go get it for me. He says look my bike has been sitting in the garage. If you want its yours but you need to get it running. Went down figured out how clean the carbs and fell in love. At this point I am still losing it alone in my Sacramento Apt. dealing with this girl on a daily is torture.

So I quit my job make my move back home to SoCal. In a few months I get a good job. I take what the ex wife left of my saving and buy a house. Escrow closes and I loose my job. I then wreck my car. I then buy a beater truck that breaks down. I then go ride my ZX9R 500 miles from Sacramento. Then the transmission goes out.

No wife
3 broken cars
One broken truck
A busted ZX9R
No wheels to get a job
Running up my Credit Cards
A house payment
Running out of money
And my brother I thought would help is almost no where in sight

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No wife This has a hell of a lot of positives and you know it!
Unemployed - Get a job - ANY job for the moment.
3 broken cars - - Three less worries.
One broken truck - Make that four!
A busted ZX9R - No.2 will take care of that pronto.
No wheels to get a job - Not really needed
Running up my Credit Cards - No.2 will take care of that over time.
A house payment - Same here
Running out of money - And again
And my brother I thought would help is almost no where in sight - You don't need him, you don't need ANYONE!
Start by getting a basic income, prioritize and things will just get better and better :thumbup:
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