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Hey all...

When my GF got to work today she got a package which was a second set of the SFM adaptors that you would use to fill the space when you mount short stalks on your front fairing. I guess they sent two sets to her by mistake.

So rather than send them back I thought I'd see if anyone on here wanted them.

Here is a pic of what they look like on my bike.

OK, so we are not selling the short stalk turn signals, just the adapter set that covers the holes.

So it is a 4 piece kit, 2 beveled fronts with raised mounting area and 2 the rear mounting pieces which are used to secure the adapters and the short stalks to the fairing. All four pieces are black and they are pretty durable thick plastic.

Now I don't know if these would fit an 03 model, (probably not) but they do fit an '02, which covers years '98-'02. These don't work with flush mounts just short stalks.

We paid $21.08 USD for them, which included tax and shipping.

Now I can personally say these adapters look really nice and work great as I have a pair on my bike. So if anyone want's them speak up. Otherwise we will send them back for a refund or put them up on eBay.

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