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Space from tire to fairing

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The radiator is bad so I'm replacing that but if I were to try and put on the fairings there is only a onc finger gap now from the back of the tire to the edge of the bottem part of the fairing
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I'm trying to fix up a wrecked 2002 zx6r and need to know how much distance there is from the back of the rear tire to the bottem of the fairing? I have a hard time believing that the forks are bent sice I removed them and they appear to be straight... Anyway If I put the left fairing on I only see about 1 - 2 space and that cant be right.. less the triple tree is bent.

here are 2 pics

badcredit has attached this file: left1.jpgbadcredit has attached this file: left2.jpg

How's this?

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I ran a metal straight edge on the tubes and found a 1/4 bend so I'm getting it fix.. thanx!
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