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SportFest and BattleTrax, Saturday May 3rd In MD

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Just wanted to let you all know that a Harley/Buell dealer in Frederick MD holds a yearly SportFest and BattleTrax event every year. It kinda fun.

The next best thing for us guys who can't afford to do actual track days....

There are loads of Harkey's ofcourse, but dont let then stop you, there are also Buells and quite alot of sportbikes. Last year I went there were 60% Harleys 40% Sportbikes...but really the sportbikes/Buells are the only ones that can really run the Battletrax.

here is what BattleTrax is


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what noone comming?

you guys don't know what your missing....

you never get out of first gear in the course, but you can get some sweet little powerslides in the course...

ohh well....less competition in the 600cc class then....


My Drinking Team Has a Racing Problem!
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Cool! Looks like autocross for bikes. :)

I work weekends (all day/night) so can't make it. :( Thanks for the heads-up though!

inca jones
they do these things like 3 or 4 times a year....

I must say I had fun....

I saw one other zx-6r there. It was a new 636. But he didn't run the course.

They had demo rides on the z1000 as well as some buells and BMW's.

I got first place in my class...

Occording to the event staff alot of people on inline 4 sportbikes dont do well on the course because they lack lowend torque and their steering lock isn't that good on sportbikes which makes this extremely tight track hard for them.

I had a couple close calls, I was impressed with myself, I came in hot for the last straight trying to make up time and locked up my front end, it almost washed out on me but somehow I got my foot out in time to muscle it up. I don't know how I did it, must have been instinct. Everyone was very impressed I saved it. Only thing that hurt was my nuts since I smashed them in the tank trying to get the bike upright.

They took some pictures of me at the even, so if they post them online I will point you guys to them.

here are pics from last years event


check out some of those lean angles ;)
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