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From the service manual:

To remove the engine sprocket,
  • Remove the lower fairings, engine sprocket cover bolts, engine sprocket cover, and chain cover.
  • Remove the stay bolt using an allen wrench.
  • Flatten out the bended washer.
  • Remove the engine sprocket nut and washer. When loosening the engine sprocket nut, hold the rear brake on.
  • Using a jack, raise the rear wheel of the ground.
  • Loosen the drive chain.
  • Remove the drive chain from the rear sprocket towards the right.
  • Pull the engine sprocket off the output shaft along with the chain.
  • Remove the engine sprocket.

To install the engine sprocket,
  • Replace the sprocket washer and axle cotter pin.
  • Install the engine sprocket onto the output shaft so that the lettered side faces outwards.
  • Apply oil to the threads of the output shaft and the seating surface of the engine sprocket nut.
  • After torquing the engine sprocket nut to 94 ft lb or 125 Nm, bend one side of the washer over the nut.
  • Adjust the drive chain slack after installing the sprocket.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
Not open for further replies.