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sputtering 00 zx6r

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Ok I have a 00 zx6r with a willey co can. I have recently repacked the muffler changed the plugs and installed a k&n air filter, and now the rims are off getting powder coated so I cant ride it. However when I start it up and leave it warm up and rev it, it is missing like a bitch. So I put the old filter back and it still misses the same, so I went back pulled the new plugs and put the old ones back in and still the same. So my question is does anyone think by the bike stitting for a a few weeks it would gum it up so bad that would be missing as bad as it is? Thanks
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mine often does the same thing if it's been un-ridden for anything over two or three weeks. A quick spin for 15~20 minutes and it's as good as gold again.

if its choking in the front then has probs at high rpms, its probably your ignition coil. check the coils, see if any have some black stuff at the top... or you can just warm it up and feel the headers and find whcih is cold.. order hte part and replace it... since you checked everything else, odds are its the coil. i had that problem too... took 1.5 months to get the part... dont ride it around 3 of 4 cyclinders isnt good on the motor...
like epx666 said....check the ignition coil...but check that you have currectly and properly installed them...press them down till you feel the ribs kinda going down

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I currently have a 2000 ZX6R that has sat for a while over the winter, then I bought it. Take it to like 5 grand, and it does the same thing. Just kind of sputters and chokes out and will not accelorate at all. Think this could also be a coil problem?

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Same bike, same problem: Garaged it for 6 weeks or so, now i get a hesitation\sputter in mid-range RPM's. Tried octane boost, fuel system cleaner additives, still not running like it should. I avoid the dealer when i can, but am out of ideas. Anyone???????

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You probobly need to clean the carbs.
Those off the shelf carb cleaners help a bit, but won't fix a lot of goop in the carbs.

You can try it yourself or have the dealer do it.

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