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Stalling out HELP!

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the fuel filter is located under the gas tank.. you will see a hose that runs from the tank to the filter then to the pump.. this sounds like a problem i had a while back.. my gas was bad..and plugs were fucked up..
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Do you mean the filter or the pump, Thanks for the advice any and all is better than none!
I had a very similar experience.
Ended up water had gotten into my tank, and got into the engine from there.
I drained the tank, and the carbs, and it runs much better now.
I still have some slight hesitations I did not have before, but I think thats just cause my plugs got fowled up from the water, I'll be replacing them this week.

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HELP!! I have a 00 zx-6r with 1400 miles on it and I was on my way home yesterday and I
got about 2 miles down the road and I started to lose power, it started chugging and gasping
so I pulled over, I had gas but I decided to switch to reserve, I let it sit a couple seconds
started it back up and I got about 50 yards before it started sputtering again. It was
idleling rough and it would not allow me to rev it up past 2-3k or else it would stall.
I put some gas and dry gas in it switched it back to primary and let it idle for about 30
minutes at this point it was idleling better and I could rev it to 6k sometimes other times it
rev but it was not crisp and clean sounding. I tried to ride it and it will putt around first
gear but you try second and it just does not want any part of it. No clue whats up! , does this
bike have a fuel pump? And where is the fuel filter as well? Any suggestions would help out
a bunch.
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Let me know how the plug change goes, I want to get to my plugs to check them as well I just dont know how I am going to get to them ! I removed my tank and drained it and I am going to get to the carbs and replace the fuel filter when it stops raining,

Thanks for the help

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I am wanting to pull the plugs and check the color, does anyone know the easiest way to get to the plugs to remove them?


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Seat off, Tank off, Airbox off,and they are underneath. Use the plug spanner in the tool kit. You can get to the float bowl drain screws once the tanks off.


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Is anyone familiar with removing the spark plug wires, I want to see what color my plugs are but I am unsure of how to remove the wires and I do not want to break anything

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your bike doesn't have wires like on a car... it has a boot that sits on top of the spark plug... there is a electrical plug that runs to the boot.. just unplug it and pull the boot up.. simple
Yep. But you need to twist and pull at the same time, but be careful - they can damged easily!

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