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Re: '81 750 LTD

I was hitting the starter and

"rev/rattle/spin", "rev/rattle/spin", "rev/rattle/spin"
(a rattle like shaking a metal can full of pebbles)

Starter clutch?

I replaced pins, springs and rollers and all was fine - for about 6 months

Then - "rev/rattle/spin", "rev/rattle/spin", "rev/rattle/spin"

I lived with for a while - - just made sure I always parked on a hill in case I'd have to get a rolling start and pop the clutch

But after a while - no more "rev" - just "rattle/spin", "rattle/spin"

Pulled the secondary shaft again, took off the starter clutch.

The 3 socket bolts were loose and stripped
(probably didn't use enough lock tite last time)

Replaced 'em and drowned 'em in red lock tite


"rev/rattle/spin", "rev/rattle/spin", "rev/rattle/spin"

One suggestion is to replace the whole mechanism:

one way clutch, rollers, pins, springs
inner housing
outer housing
rubber dampers

The whole ball of wax

Sounds expensive for a 30 yr old bike

Any thoughts?

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Common mistake when a suspect starter clutch is repaired is to replace only the parts you initially mentioned.
The one way clutch wears in two places, The Rollers and the gear they lockup against.
The Gear wears tiny little flats into the face the Rollers run on and ends up allolwing the stater clutch to slip resulting in the sounds you described.
If you remove this gear and run your finger around the surface very slowly you can just detect these flat spots.
I always replace the whole shooting match as it's a ball ache doing it twice...
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