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starting the bike in cold weather

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wsup guys im here in houston, where it doesnt usually get that cold. my problem is, that when it gets about 55 degrees if have to try to many times to start by bike.. Is this normal? im new in to bike thing so i really dont know... keep in mind that this happens in my garage usually in the morning
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Its very normal. Are you using the choke? Are you trying to throttle while pressing the ignition?

One thing you don't want to do when starting when its cold is use too much throttle when pressing the ignition. Just use a little and then none after a couple of tries.

Does that make any sense? I read back over this and I don't think I got what I was thinking out very clearly. Maybe one of these gurus can help ya more than me.

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What Marine is saying makes sense. I live in PA and it gets cold here and I have noticed the colder it gets the less throttle the bike likes when starting. Like Marine said...after a couple of tries don't touch the throttle at all. Should start right up. Cold weather start is definitely different then the average cold start when a bit of twist is a good thing.
thank you guys for the info
hey, another houstonian....that makes three of us. i know what you are talking about. i have the answer to that similar problem somewhere on this forum.


what part of town do you stay in?
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