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a set of left and right farings off my 05, the right side is scratched pretty badly from a slide and the right is a 6-10 with one small dent about 1" circle and a cope scratches here and there there 1 piece and intact so you could put them on a bike but ill take offers on them, throw me an offer shipping will be $20


Added: new parts, still in bags these are all genuine kawi parts that came extra with my bike. throw me an offer of some or all.
*part stock mirror mounts pair

*92153-0873 bolt socket (faring bolts) (qty 4)
*13236-0111 lever-comp, brake
*92015-1757 nut 5mm (qty 5)
*92200-1388 washer (aty 1)
*92150-1760 bolt, socket 8x 20 (qty 1)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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