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Hey all,
Recently bought a 2007 Zx6r that came with adjustable lowering links installed. After doing some googling I found them to be Pro-Tek brand.

It’s obviously lower than stock and I would like to bring it back up. My question is: what is stock height?

I took of plastics, exhaust, etc to access the links and started shortening them up. My first thought was I would shorten them as far as they would go. (They are the fully adjustable type with the threaded adjuster)

First I swapped out the kickstand (had been cut and shortened) for a OEM so that would be stock height and then started shortening up the links... now the links are much shorter and the lean on the kickstand looks as it should... but there is still room to shorten even more. So now I’m concerned that the links could possibly actually adjust to be higher than stock.

Wondering if anyone knows what stock height should be. (Like measured somewhere on the tail to swing arm or something)

Or how long stock lower links are?
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