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Sweet! Congrats!! For the wheelie spin up to 8 grand back off them on quick while giving a tug on the bars and there's you wheelie!! Keep you right foot ready for the brake though...

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when i do wheelies, i don't have to do any of that. it could be because i lowered my gearing a tooth in the front, but I just pin the throttle in 1st gear, and when it gets into the powerband, just tug up on the bars a little and the front just lifts up. As soon as it starts coming up i shift into second and try to ride it a little. espicallly if there are chicks around. [8D];)

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i can get the wheels up high, i just cant ride them more than like 50 feet

2001 ZX 6R
full muzzys ti exhaust
carbon fiber flush mounts
matching leathers, gloves and helmet
my problem is shifting. with my +3 rear sprocket, it shoots up to the balance point. the only time i've tried to shift, it felt like it went higher and i almost lost it. what am i doing wrong?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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