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I have a 1998 ZX9 that I am going to repair the lower case. Then I am going to turn this bike into a streetfighter.

Put crash bars on, dirt bike protaper handle bars and lower the gear ratio with the sprockets.

I do have a manual coming next week but would like to get the lower case off right away and start the repair.

I also have ordered a pair of cases off Ebay so if this repair doesn't work I will replaced top and bottom with a new/used set.

This is my question what socket do I need to get the clutch nut off? the online parts manual says 20 millimeter but its bigger than my 20 mm socket.

I have a 27mm and a 32mm but the 27 mm is too small and the 32 too big.

seems the 27 shoulds fit but its just a smidge too small.

does anyone know what socket size will do the trick?

I am looking forward to having the engine repair behind me.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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