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We have been doing ECU flashing for some time on our race bikes and we have decided to offer the service to our customers. Our service differs from many others in that we are not using generic or publicly available mapping. All of our mapping was built from scratch on the dyno which has netted a substantial gain over what many other services are offering.

This ECU flash will completely re-tune your OEM ECU to maximize performance while maintaining OEM-levels of reliability. We achieve this through removal of all restrictions, optimizing of mapping and tuning for various exhaust configurations. We typically see 20-25 peak rear wheel horsepower at the wheel with this service, on an otherwise stock electronically ZX-10R. Gains are as high as 33hp at certain regions, as seen above in our dyno. The bike used in the above dyno was entirely stock aside from an Arrow slip on exhaust and cat delete. It made 189 rear wheel horsepower after our ECU tune, gaining 33hp at 12,750 RPM.
There may be less expensive flashing services out there, but what sets us apart and makes our flash such an excellent value is the extensive dyno testing and tuning we have done. Most other providers of these types of services are using generic mapping that leaves a lot of power on the table and compromises the overall smoothness of the motorcycle. We've spent countless hours on R&D and dyno development and the end result is the flash we offer.

Features included are:

- Removal Of All Restrictions
- Customized Fuel Maps
- Customized Ignition Maps
- Customized Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Opening Maps
- Customized Fuel Trim Maps
- Adjustable RPM (rev) Limiters
- Adjustable idle tables
- Disabled Top Speed Limiter
- Disabled injector cut
- Disabled Stock O2 Sensor
- Disabled Exhaust Valve
- Retain last Traction Control Setting
- Change Traction Control Settings while riding

This is a mail-in service, your ECU must be removed and shipped to us. Our ECU handling time is typically 1 business day.

See our ECU flashing FAQ HERE for more information.

The cost for the service is currently $190+return shipping.

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i have a question, what if the bike was ecu flashed with the full exhaust system and then owner need to put back OEM headers (with the breadbox), will it impact perfomance drastically or not?? motorcycle Z900 2018.

Thank you
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