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Hi all you very knowledgeable people, I was hoping you could help me, I'm currently riding a ZX6R 2010 and I'm upgrading the rear shock to a Nirton NTR-R2 (had a voucher code for 15% off)
Anyways, it's due to arrive soon, and now I'm questioning, should I get my front suspension done? Full upgrade or just new springs? I Don't know much about motorcycle suspension, I have been told the front forks on the ZX6R 2009+ are good out the box but are they good enough not to be touched after the rear shock upgrade?

In terms of riding, I only ride on the rode right now, no track days planned for this bike and I don't plan to go racing on her.

I will appreciate all views on the subject as I'm sure you all know more than me.
Thanks in advance 🙂
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