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I've got a 1999 totally standard bike.

I've got no idear how to start tuning the suspension, because of this I have left it as standard so as not to totally mess it up.

I just started a new job and have to ride out in country lanes (UK lanes, narrow and bumpy 60-70mph) and I find the bike jumps a lots on bumps, which is a bit unnerving around tight bends. The problem is I cannot tell if it is set to hard which causes the harsh ride or to soft which makes if jump about.

I am aware that there are many suspension adjustments, but would like to no if there is a logical approach to setting up a bike, and if there are certain adjustments to retify certain perceived problems.

I suppose what would be usfull would be to know what effect each adustment is likely to have on the bike.

I am 145lbs, so not to heavy.

Many Thanks
Gaz (UK)
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