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Hey everyone,

Picked up my 2011 Z1000 a few weeks ago and have just under 1000 miles on her... would have more if I didn't have to work during the day. It was this or a Speed Triple, and I'm laughing right through the twisties and the bank. Sure the new triple is nice, but with the new stylings it looks like Triumph is really trying to compete with a the Japanese styling... and it just isn't working.

Anyways, switched with my buddy over the weekend, he has a '10 Triple, and other than the sexy single sided swing arm ( which I got over once I sat on the bike and couldn't see it anymore), I'm still stoked about my decision.

I'll have to post up pictures of the all black beotch, but I first wanted to say think you for the recommendations on going with OES frame, swing arm, and fork sliders... reminds me of the motosliders I purchased for my SV.

One other thing... this isn't my only Kawi, I also owned a 04 Vulcan Meanstreak 1600 for a few years... loved that bike so much I sold it to my old man with the hopes he would let me take it out every once and awhile when I visit. It replaced his 1996 Vulcan 750.

Thanks again

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