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I'm getting a group together to hit up a spot I know of in the Sarasota area. This spot is in the Exit 210 to 220 area off I-75. It's about 30-35 minutes south of the I4/I75 junction, about 10 minutes south of where I275 dumps out on I75 after the Skyway bridge south.

We're looking at any time on Saturday, and/or sometime after 1PM on Sunday afternoon. I'm up for either day (or both...heheh). PM me or reply to this thread and we'll try to get things going.

This spot is something a group of guys and I are calling 'SRGP'. It's a freshly paved 2.2 mile loop with 17 turns, no intersections, offshoots or traffic. It's a basic road layout for an upper-class housing development, but none of the lots have even been cleared yet, let alone have the ground broken. There's only one way in/out that T's off at this loop.

Most of the 'track' has tree coverage blocking it from view of the main road, and so far police presence has been non-existant. It has a speed limit (20mph) but it's considered a private road and the only way Police can even say anything is if the owner reports us for tresspassing, or if he SEES someone committing blatant vandalism, etc.

There's no curbing, and sufficient runoff in most of the hotter corners where if you unfortunately dump it you don't have to worry about hitting trees or buildings. All grass. Here's a track map I sketched out in Illustrator:

Here's a few pics of me on the Ducati at this SRGP:

And it's not a bad place to take pictures of your bikes, either:

PM me if you're interested.

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I'm glad you guys finally found a nice spot that has curves :D
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