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Targa Seat cowl

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Bought a hard seat cowl (like the gixxers come with) for my '96 ZX6R. When its on, it looks great, but . . .

1) Doesn't fit straight.
2) you have to install a bracket under the seat - it doesn't hook onto the factory mounts.
3) if you want the passenger seat back on, you have to un-bolt the bracket.
4)you need the key to lock the seat down, you can't just smack it down liek the passenger seat

If your looking to buy one, it looks killer, but I thought I would let you know the cons, the Targa website sure as hell doesn't.

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I was looking to buy one for my 96 ZX6R also. I thought Targa was kinda pricey. Thanks for letting us know about that problem. Do you know of any other manufacturers that you would consider?
Same gripes for the 00-02. Dave has something here about cutting a hole in the seat with a dremel. Works just fine like that.

I wasn't impressed with the fit either, and the paint isn't an exact match on mine. 700 miles, and garage kept, so I know it's not a fade problem.

I'm looking at using the front bottom of the original seat, or making a bracket that works like the original, because the little post in the hole mounting isn't that secure.

'02 6R
Honestly, I have no problems with the seat cowl (2000 green and black)

You really have to make sure the bracket is on and aligned straight. also make sure the steel nipples are the proper length.

At first I had to adjust the bracket and nipples to get the cowl straight, after that its been great.

The color is a dead on match and pattern lines up just right. I carry a 6 foot chain and two locks in the rear and it never once popped open.

I too was a little bothered by the fact you couldn't interchange the cowl and the seat so I adjusted the seat so that I can =)

This is the bracket:

This is the adjustment I made to the seat with a dremel:

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I ride an '02 zx6r. I have a full second look kit on my bike. It includes tank bra, front seat and rear seat covers. It looks OEM seriously, all color matched. go look at them at www.second-look.com

I work for second look so if you're interested let me know by PM'ing me or emailing me at [email protected] . I'll post some pictures of it on my bike...and we can do it for any bike we also take custom requests also....

hope to hear from u guys soon!


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I have a full second look kit on my bike. It includes tank bra, front seat and rear seat covers. It looks OEM seriously, all color matched.
I am not all that impressed with second look, I have never seen one skin that was color matched - its always a shade or two off, they are expensive and hard to install. If you are not good with a stapler you have to get them installed professionaly which costs about another $60 for one peice, $100 for 2

Over the price of a Skin I would rather pay for a Cowl.

The best one I ever saw was for the 2000 CBR F4 Silver and Red... after that never saw one that was worthy....

The 2nd look ZX skins are pretty bad, they are not even patterned matched. check out this page I created... on good quality skins http://zx6r.com/images/seat/

This is just my opinion...

I work for second look so if you're interested let me know
Does that mean you can hook us up?
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If you run a search on ebay for ZX6R, you'll find a guy that's selling seatcovers for the rear seat for $16. I think you'll find it here...http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1858819919 . For that little, you really can't go wrong.
No affiliation, no kickbacks, no connection, just an alternative...


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Those are the ones I bought too, I posted on here a couple of months ago with some pics. I recommend them.
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