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Teenage Boys in Junk Honda...

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I remember one day last year about taking my 6 for a spin after making some suspension adjustments. I turned on the first country road off main road where I live. I was off the bike at the time and two punks seen me, turned down the road and yelled "Wanna Race?" I paused for a second hopped on and sped an caught up behind them. At this time we are doing about 100 and this ain't no road to be speeding down. I was tempted to pass but who knows what these dumbasses would do. I backed off after a bit of chasing, because I know all these backroads and the first one we cross has a hell of a hill. I watched these guys bottomed out their car when they unexpectedly jumped it about 3 ft. in the air. LMAO.
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nicly done. I hate all those punk's who think there civic with an exhaust and intake is fast.

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Especially with the Honda crowd I like to ride right along side them and hear their little engines scream, maybe one-hand it, give a wave, and then nail it just when they think they're in the running. I know it's juvenile, but then again so am I.

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Instead of giving them a wave give them the middle finger.

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i have a honda prelude that is fairly modified including a 65 shot nos. it's not faster than sportbikes but faster than most cars. i think there are posers of all kinds, bikes and cars, alike... they come in all shapes and sizes. riced out civics and hayabusa killer wannabe's...hehehe. bring it, i'll be ready for them and i'll be ready for you...muahaha...jus playin.
yah i was riding on a elevated on ramp thingy jus cruisin with one hand... when all of a sudden an accord creeped onmy me quick. I wasnt tryin to speed so i just kept at it. dude tailgating me and i was 15 over the onramp limit. So we creep up to the merge lane, and his engine is roaring (as much as it can) and he slowly starts accelerating on the merge lane and i let him creep up but he is starin at me and all up in my lane.

I was happy i could do this to him cuz he with his girl or something, i sit back in my sit and pull the throttle. My bike eases up and i cut him off on one wheel. later on i slow down and let him come up but he's not looking anymore. das right eyes on the road buddy! ha!

if u wanna pass me, pass me! dont piss me off and make a fool of urself.
I love when the idiots rev their engines at a light.. I usually accelerate with them for a couple seconds, then look over, wave, and gun it :)

I love seeing their faces at the next light.. hehe

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