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The Absolute BEST cleaner &Polish

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Guys i have used PLEXUS for the Past 3 years i use it to clean the BIKE and the CAR as well as HELMET and this stuff is unbelivable. This guy who races bikes put me on to it. On the back of the Spray can it says Its good for all Plastics,Acrylic paints,polished metals/chrome ect...... this Shit really works!
I simply wash car/bike as normal and then simply spray it on and with a cotton rag WIPE it in and with another rag wipe it off. Your fairing,taillights,indicators,petrol tank,screens,polished/chrome wheels have NEVER looked so [email protected]#$ing good and the BUGS slide right off your fairing.Your helmet visor will thank you as bugs slide right of it as well. I even do the car mags,body,headlights,windows and the CHROME is so shiny you will need your sunglasses!
Iknow i sound excited it's because i totally forgott to mention in earlier post. You can buy it at a Car accessories shop here in Australia. If you go to this link http://www.plexusplasticcleaner.com/frames.html :D
You will get all the info you need + locations of your nearest stockist.
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I use it all the time on my plastics, works awesome for a quick cleaning, gives a great shine.
I dont use it on the polished aluminum though, I find it has a bit of a haze to it on the aluminum, so I use metal polish and wax.
I use Honda's spray and wash. I love it, does a great job and I picked it up for 5 bucks. Doesn't do well on glass despite it's can side claims. Keeps my bike showroom fresh, however.
PLEXUS is indeed the shiznit .... Maguires 5 Minute Detail works wonders too for a quick touch up on everything shiny
thats all i use on my bike to clean and polish. after i clean it, i go over it again with a terry cloth towel to bring out the shine even more. i dont use it on my aluminum or polished pieces, though. like CDN said it leaves a haze. i use eagle polish or mothers polish for that.
Where can you buy this stuff?
i started using plexus too after everyone on here turned me on to it. that stuff is truly amazing, it cleans all the bugs, tar, etc. off without effort and leaves the paint, windscreen, and all other surfaces shiny with no film.

as far as getting your hands on some plexus, i just went on Google and did a search for it. there are quite a few places that sell it, so i just kept browsing until i found the most competitive price.
infact, here is what my bike looked like pre-Plexus. I was dreading cleaning it up and when i sprayed the stuff on there, i seemed to turn the bugs on there into a gooey liquid form that i could quickly wipe off, rather than scrub off.

Thanks silver! Didn't know if local stores sold it or not. Damn your bike looked bad...freakin bug killer...:D
I use ZAINO on my car, and it's the only stuff I'll use!

the reflective quality is amazing, and I didn't wax my car all winter, and it was in great condition this summer!

ed, you can find the big spray cans locally for $7. it cost $8+ online and shipping charges. i buy it in bulk sometimes, before they run out.
Originally posted by mred

Where can you buy this stuff?

Arturo....Damn...I ordered yesterday online. $7.95/can. I ordered two plus had to pay S&H. Where did you get it local so I'll know next time?
When I bought my 03 the sales guy (rides a zx9r) and the mechanic (rides a zx7r) turned me on to a can of Plexus. It is all that I will ever use on my bike from now on! works great on everything and even removes road tar and grease. Also does wonders for the windscreen.
I use this stuff I found in Fort Lauderdale "The Bom". Its a spray-on no water type of wash and it is awesome. Removes bugs, tar and grime and doesn't bleed the paint off my rims like the other stuff I've tried. It doesn't scratch the windshield and helps repell bug juice. Guys are always asking me how I keep my bike so clean - "I polish it every night..." HA!! [:M119] They also have this wicked liquid cleaner for chrome - it actually made my hand levers gleam (now if I could remember the name of it).
Plexus resembles Pledge a lot ... wonder if it's the same thing with a fancier name ????????????
ed, its at eximport for that price. its in southwest houston. when you need some PM me to get more info.
hmmm and all these years i have been useing Dawn dish soap [:M95]
hmmm and all these years i have been useing Dawn dish soap [:M95]
I like the honda polish as well. It takes off road tar and cleans the bike without any water getting to anything. I like that. Cost was $5 per can and lasts forever.
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