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Hey guys I just got the opportunity to see this camera in person this week, its sweet! Its shape is much easier to mount in tight spots and everything is in that little package, no wires. Its got an internal rechargeable 2 hour battery, memory card that lasts 4+ hours, microphone and wide angle lens. It records at 30 frames per second and you can select the resolution, VGA (640x480) and QVGA (320x240).

Another thing I like about it is that it comes with mounts to stick on your bike, but also straps to tie it to almost anything. It even comes with a handlebar mount so I can take it out mountain biking. It also includes a nice carrying case to keep everything organized.

I'm going to be ordering one of these pretty soon so I can test it out for myself.

Retail is $189.95, but we got them on special pricing for only $159.95!

You can see more info and purchase it here:


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