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Mach1 Aussie checks out the Zig Zag scenic drive in Gooseberry Hill with some amazing views and twisties.

Hair pin turns, spectacular views and I had it all to myself. The Zig Zag scenic drive is one of my favourite rides in Perth thus far.

A 3'6" guage railway was built by E.Keane in 1891 to transport timber from Canning Mills to Midland Junction for Fremantle. The line descended the escarpment by a series of "Zig-zags" with three & later four reversal points.
The line was closed in 1949 and this portion given a sealed surface to make a one way scenic motor road.

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MotoVlog 21 - The Zig Zag
00:00 - Intro
00:11 - Welcome / where have I been?
00:42 - Today's topic (The Zig Zag)
02:25 - The lookout (nice view over the city)
03:14 - Talking about what I think its going to be like
04:13 - Starting the Zig Zag road (light music with commentary)
05:27 - Butchering a hair pin turn with gravel
07:13 - New year's resolutions
08:14 - Outro


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