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Hi there to everyone who uses the site, and thank you for letting me join! I've recently bought myself a gpz600r that's been modified!
I do have a question about this bike though, I would like to know if the exhaust downpipes will fit from a zzr600?
The gpz600r is a 1988 year bike, and the zzr600 is a 1991 if I remember correctly!!! I'm only wanting the exhaust pipes that connects to the engine and then they run down the front of the engine and into a different section of the exhaust system!
So if ànyone knows then could you please let me know!? I've only ridden the bike once, and that's when I first bought it and I rode it back home from Liverpool!! :) So it'd be great to be able to get out on it while we've got a bit of decent weather!!! :)
Many thanks
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