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Greetings all! I have an '02 ZX6R that I am having poor run issues with. The bike has [unfortunately] been allowed to sit idle for too long, and it's very likely that even with Seafoam treated gas, things have gotten plugged up. I've found several threads detailing how to remove and clean the carbs. I will also be replacing the fuel filter and gas as it may be skunky, and if it looks like they need to be replaced, the carb gaskets.

I have a few other questions that I haven't yet found answers to:
1) the throttle cable attachment point for the carbs is heavily coated with grease and grime. Is there a preferred means to clean this and the rest of the carb body once removed? Once cleaned, I assume that it will need to be lubricated to keep it from getting seized? If yes, is there any recommended lubricant to apply and what part(s) should it be applied to?
2) what is the preferred/recommended/suggested method for lubricating the throttle cables themselves? Since I have to remove the ends from the carb body to remove it [properly] to clean it, I might as well make sure that the cables are still in good working order and are not binding. Can I just "inject" something like a WD40 into the throttle cable bodies?
3) is it easier/better/preferred/recommended/suggested to pry apart the "tab" that the choke cable end "rests in" on the carb body, or to simply disconnect the assembly as a whole from the carb body?
4) does the same process for lubricating the choke cable apply as the throttle cables?
5) is there any recommended "tightness" for the carb boot screws? These seemed to be very loose when I disconnected the carb assembly and I want to make sure that when I attach the carb assembly and tighten these screws that I don't over or under tighten them.

I greatly appreciate any help and/or references to otherwise previously asked and answered threads.


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I use kerosene to remove grease/grime from chain and cables and lube the cable with graphite cable lube. The carb boot screws should be just tight enough for the clamps to dimple the boots. You don't want to crush them, just a slight indent.
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