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Throttlemeister Cruise

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Has anyone used the throttle meister cruise control. I am thinking about getting one and wanted to know if they are worth the $$. Thanks.
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is this for your cruiser?
The cruise control is for my ZX6R, 03.
a guy here at work has them on his rc51 and he says they are awesome for long rides...... my only problem is that they only come in the natural finish look and i dont want that for my bike.
I thought they don't offer them for our 03's...??

inca jones
I have one on my '95. They are very high quality and work well. They come in two sizes, one about stock size and the other a little longer. They are made of stainless steel. I have the regular one but you can get the polished version for a little more. The polished one looks like crome. Most Kawasaki's come with solid bar ends. If the '03 have solid bar ends then the model that fits the '00-'02 should work.
Whoa Nelly! That's expensive. Anything out there cheaper?
Why would you want cruise control on your bike? It'd be a good thing on long trips but much easier to load your bike on a truck and take it with you and then when you get there, ride. If you ask me cruise control works but for cars and besides it makes people lazy. But I am not expert but when I am out on the road I like to have my 6 senses in tune with my bike.
i agree with Johnny77. theres 6 senses?
I have seen two different cruise control units for the 03 636 one was around $25 and the other was like $21. A buddy of mine bought one for his busa. He only puts it on the bike before long trips. He loves it though. says it works great.
Originally posted by Johnny77

much easier to load your bike on a truck and take it with you and then when you get there, ride.
Some of us don't have that luxury.

The cruise control is used to give your right hand some rest on long trips. I'm pretty sure you give your left hand some rest even on short trips, dont you?

Tommy, where did your buddy get that one at?
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