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I am throwing on my freshened up set of cylinders and their head. Trying to get the timing right.

I’m running into a problem where:
-crankshaft lines up TDC #1,4
-the exhaust cam sprocket lines up
-BUT the intake does not line up perfectly🙃

Chain link does not line up right when compared to the picture in the manual. But still has all 28 pins in between.

I checked TDC of pistons with a clamping dial indicator through the spark plug holes and all was good.
I checked all valve clearances with the cam cap on. All within spec even with the intake cam slightly off.

I’m thinking somehow skipped a tooth on the bottom(crank)? Im stuck on how to fix this.

Bike was running flawlessly I took the top end apart because there was some sort of stop leak gummed up in the water jackets around the cylinders. Found when replacing a seal.
I already had the fresh cylinders and head from a previous engine I was building.
I do follow the owners manual for everything and have plenty of tools. Any information helps.
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