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Tire pressure

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Looking for advice in terms of tire pressure. I have a 2002 zx6r with dunlop tires. The owners manual suggest front 36 rear 41. What is the tire pressure that you guys recommend for general use and how much more when you carry a passenger?
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can't beat manufacturer specs but i am also running 207RR and i have 34 front 36 back. works great in the canyons. that's what i was told at white tip racing when i got them mounted.hope this helps.
unless your passenger is putting you over your weight limits of your suspension than your ok, should need no changes to either. unless your trying some new double knee down thing.LOL
I like my tires firm, bike feels better and turns in quicker. It is suppose to make a big difference on the mileage you get out of them too.

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Even though it says 36/41 you still have to use the numbers on the side of the tire. My tires are saying 42/42 (both), and manual is saying 36/42. I tried this and the front tire was wobbling especially in turns, and it was hard to control the bike. I got it back to 42 in become to be fine again.
On dunlopmotorcycle.com it says max 36/42? I recently tried 36/39 and it works great for me. I like twisties but also light all day riding so I guess I need to find a compromise between to soft and too hard...
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