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To Jet or not to Jet

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I have an 02 ZX6R bought new which is still stock. I would like to put an aftermarket yosh slip on and possibly a K&N filter, but I am not sure if I will have to re-jet. The service mechanic says the bikes are jetted very lean from the factory but a slip on would not require rejetting. However if the bike was running lean from the factory wouldn't if show signs of lean mixture? The bike runs great now so I do want to give myself more headaches down the road, but I would really like it to be less restricted. Anybody done similar mods with advice?
Thanks - Rogue
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Well, you can save your bucks and forget the K&N.
Buy an extra stock filter and keep it clean and oiled,ready to swap for service intervals.The slip on you choose will determine if you need to rejet.If there is a flat spot created then adjusting the needle might cure it.Or in an extreme case going one up/down on the main jets could cure it.
The bikes are made lean in the rpm that they do the testing for.They have to be sufficiently rich on the top end or burnt up things happen.

This is just what I would recommend......Unless you want to spend the money regardless....



Everyone has their own thing.....
I have a '95 ZX-6R. I just put on a Yoshimura slip on and rejetted using the Factory Pro 1.7 kit and a +4 advance which is comparable to the Stage 3 Dynojet, I think. It is a day a night difference. Everything is better including fuel economy. They recommend that you at least block off the PAIR valves. I went ahead and did the PAIR sucker mod and have had no problems with it.

If you rejet us an Ivan or Factory Pro kit. I think the Factory Pro are the best for the '95-'97. I am not sure on the later models.
Would I need to re-jet with a stock set-up(filter,etc) and a D&D bolt-on exhaust only?

It's a 2000 ZX-6R (from Canada, if that makes a diff.)

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Right now i am riding a 2002 ZX-6r. I bought it used with 450 miles on it, and it has a yoshi rs-3 tri oval slip on. To my knowledge it has not been re-jetted and it has the stock filter. My bike runs great, and i don't have any flat spots through the rpm's. I could be wrong, and need to get the jetted??? If anybody has any thoughts, let me know

2002 zx-6r
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Would I need to re-jet with a stock set-up(filter,etc) and a D&D bolt-on exhaust only?

It's a 2000 ZX-6R (from Canada, if that makes a diff.)

No you don't HAVE to rejet
Thanks for the advice I will get the slip on first (yosh) and decide to rejet if I need to.
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