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I am currently trying to get my bike to handle and paint it so I have it all apart. While it is apart I have decided to take care of a few other items but have some questions on them. If anyone can help I will buy them a beer. ;>) By the way it is a 98 ZX6R track bike.

1 Has anyone deleted the ignition switch? What wires need to be crossed over to make it work? Also does anyone have a gas tank lock that is screwed up? I want to get rid of the keys so I don't have to worry about forgetting them at home.

2 I want to hook up the horn again. I saw in the manual that there is brown w/black and black w/white wires for it but I cannot locate them on the bike. Where exactly is the horn located and where do the wires come from?

3 Are the resonators on the intakes needed? What do they do? If I take them off and plug up the holes is there going to be a problem?

4 Has anyone changed the rear ride height? I have a Fox shock and the ride height adjustment is set at the lowest. How much higher should I go?

5 What gearing are you running for the Streets of Willow. That will be my next track day so I want to try to get it geared somewhat decent.

Sorry for all the questions. This is my first ZX6R and I am trying to bypass all the trial and error. Thanks in advance for your help.

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