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Need a little troubleshooting advice. I installed a usb power port (https://www.amazon.com/Charge-Charger-Socket-Waterproof-Motorcycle) on my Versys 300 6 months ago. It is connected to the bike’s power using the acces wiring and a relay switch. When th bike is on the port reads 12.4 V but it isn’t charging my phone. When I first installed it it worked flawless. I have tried different cables and confirmed the cables all work when connected to shore power.
Any thoughts on how to fix or troubleshoot this? It sounds like it’s not providing enough amperage to charge?
Should I just fork over the $$ for the Kawi part ($80 vs $15 that I spent). Bummer is to check the connections I have to remove the cowling. Ugh

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions in advance!!
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