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I have a '00 J1 series ZX6R. It's time to adjust my valves, I'm thinking. (Ticking noise when engine is warm from engine.

I have the shop manual. The most difficult thing I've done so far was to change the fuel filter/spark plugs/rear sprocket. This would be my first time taking the engine valve cover off on a bike.

Some questions I have about the procedure:

How long should this take (1st time and with a guy who's had a bike/serviced a bike for 30 years helping)?
New engine valve cover gasket needed?
How many shim sets do I need? There are 21 shim values possible, I'm not so crazy about getting 16 sets of 21 shims. Shims are 0.05mm increments, tolerances are 0.08-0.09mm (intake and exhaust side), does thsi mean I can sorta get by with 8 or 6 sets?
Do I really need to take the rad off?
Any tips/hints on the job?
How often do the valves need reseating/shaving? (hopefully not!)

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