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The sun has been out, and in some regions the temperature is starting to rise. Even though summer is a few months away, you can start to prepare for those long hot rides. One of the best ways to keep cool in hot climates is to use gear with breathability. Vented gear is offered by almost every major dirt bike gear brand. Often most of the vented gear is styled and designed much like the high end gear sets, so you don’t have to sacrifice look or function. In addition, the gear is almost always lighter, using thinner materials and a lot of mesh. Mesh is used in vented gear to allow breathability, and ventilation. Like a lot of hot weather clothing, many sets of vented gear are lighter in color, with a lot of white, creating a cooler environment by not having sun attracting colors.

Out on the dirt, you really notice the effectiveness of the vented gear. The mesh and other breathable materials provide for a cool ride. You can feel the air hit you as if you didn’t have any gear on! Most sets of gear (especially the higher end sets) breathe well, but vented sets really step up the cooling factor. The only complaint riders find with the vented sets is the durability. The lighter materials typically aren’t as strong so you might tear some mesh on a branch. Personally, I have never had any issues with vented gear holding up, but I ride primarily MX.

There are a lot of things you can do to keep cool on your bike. Camel backs are great for keeping you hydrated, but often we don’t even consider ventilation for our body. Keeping your body temp low is the best solution to avoid over-heating and fatigue and vented gear is a fantastic solution. To have a more enjoyable ride, stay cool with vented gear sold at Motorcycle-Superstore.com.

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