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My 1998 6R has a vibration that comes in at about 4800rpm and disapears at about 5500rpm. The vibration can be felt through the bars and foot pegs and on a long ride at about 100-110kph has a numbing effect so its quite severe. Changing road speed or gear makes no differnece it is always there within this rev range, also there is no noise associated with the vibration. Local shops have no idea and except for stripping the engine can offer no advice.

Cool site, my first post.
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Well any inline 4 will do the 'numbing effect' to some degree. You're hands will feel numb after riding for a while at those RPM's.

I don't know if yours is worse then normal or not, hard to tell unless you can compare it to another similar bike.

It has something do do with the inline 4 setup, the timing of ignition, compression, etc.. Im not that mechanically inclined.

All brands have the same issue, not just Kawi.
Putting on thicker grips can help.

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The vibration in question has evolved over about the last 1000k's, thicker gloves no I don't think so maybe no hands with my feet behind my head although then I would probably get a numb bum.
I have been ridding in line 4's for about twenty years and this is not the usual out of power band hummmmm.

Thank's Brian
I can't help you on the vibration. I can't think of a single thing that doesn't involve tearing down the engine.

With that in mind, I ride my '95 ZX-6R some long distances, 800-900 miles in a day and more. I found some material that is designed to dampen vibration called Sorbothane. It is made into insoles and used in padding in gloves. When I ride in my high-tech gear, U.S. Army combat boot with Sorbothane insoles and gloves designed for carpenters that have a Sorbothane pad in the palm, I find the vibration greatly diminished. I haven't found the vibration to my ass to be a problem as it is numb after a couple of hours.
There are many things that can help lessen vibration without going into the motor. The first place to start is with the bars. Heavier bar weights makes a huge difference. The ZX-12 has a really nice set of rubber-isolated units that are about 50% heavier. With the weights off, try pouring in lead buck shot into the bar ends (until full). I hate to add any weight, but if you want to cancel the buzz, I think you'll find this inexpensive and very effective.
Give the entire exhaust system a thorough examination. Most bikes develop some sort of problem here, especially with a less than ideal header installation. If the pipe touches anything other than the rubber mounts and the head mounting, the vibration goes through a bike very noticeably. There are several other things as well, but give these a try first.
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I may not be able to offer a solution, however a problem shared and all that. I own a 1996 ( P) ZX6R and have exactly the same problem, Bike runs well, however at around 5000 rpm there is quite a buzz through bars and particularly footpegs, have fited thicker liners in boots..One thing that does seem to help is carb balancing..Genarally I notice an improvement( albeit not cure) if I balance the carbs..May be worth a try??

C Mason
OK, this seems like a common enough problem i'll stop worrying for now and put up with it. It's not so much of a problem since Friday 5pm as I took delivery of a 03 636, still grinning, awsome, can't wait till its run in. Couldn't part with the 98 i'll keep it for running back and forth to work. Thanks for the advice!
The 03 bike is the same, but the vibration is at a slightly higher frequency through the bars (no probs with footrests) but i don't care 'cos its the best 600 i've ridden yet! wheelie's like a good'un too!!!:)
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