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Video of the Spin move

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Here's the video. It may take a min. to load though.

Where I live, in Miami, the spin move has become an absolute must for parking and turning the bike around. Spin move = you lean the bike over on its kick stand and get both tires off the ground and then pivot the bike on just the kick stand and spin the bike around to the direction you want it facing. It makes it look as if your actually picking the entire bike up and turning it around, and it usually gets quite a lot of looks and wow's from people.
I have never seen anyone outside of miami do this move though so I wanted to find out if other people in other areas do this as well??

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Never heard of it or have done it. The only thing that I do remotely simular to this is in my garage to get the back wheel off the ground. I place a jack under the right swingarm(back brake side)while the bike is on it's sidestand, then push it onto the jack on the right (back brake)side and throw another jack under the left side (shifter) to get the back wheel off the ground. Have the back wheel off the ground in less than 30 seconds.

Thats funny you say that cause when i went to buy my bike, the guy at the dealer did that same exact thing. I have to admit that did look cool as hell. When he took the bike out so i can try it out sit on it and all that it was on the sidewalk when i was done he just turned it around while it was on the kickstand. This is in New York
does that bend the kickstand at all? sounds awesome

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It's a comonplace thing here in vegas. My friends and I all do it. I was always afraid the bike would be too heavy for it, then I saw my roommate doin it with his TL1000. I figure anyone can do it if he can with that thing. The trick is to put your foot against the kickstand so that it's locked in place, then reach around and grab the frame. Spin it around and voila, amazement from onlookers and quick exiting from most parking situations.

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No, it doesn't bend/hurt the stand in any way. I do it with my bike when I need to. I also do it at the dealership a lot to get bikes positioned properly on the floor. You get some amazed looks from the customers, as well.;)
Seen it done here alot in OKC, but have never tried to do it myself yet. Haven't really had the need to.


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yeah i do it alot here in arizona. freaks alot of people out also. i do to my friends bikes just to piss them off like turning it side ways in a parking stall that has a car to each side where they can't just ride it out.
all of my friends here in houston do it! i never done it, but i had a friend bend his kick stand
It shouldn't bend your kickstand. They are built to take a lot of pressure (way more than the weight of the bike leaning on it). Either he bought a bike with a retarded stand; had a fat chick on the bike; or the manufacturer accidentally installed a stand off a ten-speed.;)
I'm gonna start doing it. I've seen it on trick videos. It looks good when it flows. Like water...
What part of the frame do you grab? Do you grab the right handle bar too?

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Heres how to do it:

Every bike has a different balance point so it may vary from bike to bike. But in essence all the same way of doing it.

For a beginner...
First, pull your handlebars all the way to the left (around where the lock position is), this will prevent the bars from moving when doing the move. After that, Grab the LEFT handlebar grip with your left hand and with your right hand reach to the other side of the bike and grab a hold of either the frame (the right red circle) but if it is too hot than grab where the other circle is(the left red circle).

Next, pull the bike directly toward you. The rear wheel will now be off the ground(but not the front) Now pull the bike slightly back (toward the rear) this will pull the front wheel off the ground. Don't worry its not heavy or hard to do. Now just spin the bike to the left (counter clockwise) Just don't do this move on your newly paved driveway, cause you WILL get in trouble with wifey or ma. Doing this move will always leave a mark in the concrete.
If you guys never heard of this spin move thing and you wanna see me do it just post something up and I could use my digital camcorder and take a 15 sec movie on it.
This move is super easy, looks great, can really come in use, and it will NOT bend the kickstand a bit. I dont know what the name of this move is, but I have always called it the spin move.

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There isn't really a special name for it since it really isn't a trick. It is just a slick way to position your bike in tight quarters... or show off.;)
Thanks for starting this thread. I had never heard or seen it here in Michigan. Sounds fun and useful. My daughters are really gonna get a kick out of it. It could have came in handy yesterday, when I had to turn my bike around to exit a long narrow driveway. But instead I had to move backwards and forward a few times. But then again, I wouldn't want to screw up their driveway.


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Seen it done a few times out here in SoCal. Looks pretty bitchin!

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Step 2-Hold on!
Could you please post it up?

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Shit I did it! Just one question. I put my foot down on the tip of the kickstand. Am I supposed to do this? Which foot should I use?

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No need to put your foot on the kickstand, but I'm sure you could if that feels comfortable for you. Just spread your legs out wide enough to give yourself a firm stance.

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kickstands can handle alot of pressure, however it does put alot of pessure on them. i think of it like this......to redline your bike is ok, as long as you dont red line it shift to second and to next gear. i wouldnt recommend this be someones best/only trick on their bike. but hey its your bike:D

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OK, so I tried this and I couldn't get the bike up, how far over are you guys leaning it? guess i'm just nervous, what if the kick stand folds up on you!

Any more pics of this, would be kick a$$...thanks :)

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