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Hey everyone - I assume all modern Kawasaki’s share a similar wiring loom, so I thought I’d come here.

I have a ‘20 W800 Cafe and decided to do a fender elimination which meant ditching the OEM incandescent brake light.

I clipped away one red, one blue and black wire with yellow stripe from the housing. The black one with a yellow strip was connected to a grounding tab.

The replacement, a new flexible LED strip is an all in one running/brake and turn signal which I tested on a 9V battery, it works as advertised.

I assumed the connections would be 1:1 but I’m getting nothing, I’ve checked the rear loom with a multimeter, all voltages good.

I know it’s gotta be something simple, maybe I need to connect the ground wire to bare frame?

The LED has 5 wires:
Black - I assume ground
Red - Brake
White - Running
Green - Left Signal
Yellow - Right Signal

I’ve connected like this
W800 Loom LED Loom
Black w/Yellow Stripe to: Black
Blue to White
Red to Red

Nothing is working, again tests fine on a simple 9V battery.

Thanks all!
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