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Ok so not sure where I'm going exactly or where to really start,
so I'll just say, had a minor low side, semi repaired since, but wanting to convert to Street fighter as cbf buying new headlight mount brackets fairings etc. (I like cheap, obviously in the right/allowing places)
So as far as I know to get it back to rwc standard (as registrations run out and cant be simply paid to renew now since I need a rwc to get rego)
I will need to buy do:
-A headlight+ mount or way of mounting to forks or, do I get custom frame headlight mount?
-front side indicators/turn signals
-speedometer solution(do I keep and try rehouse oem one, or; is there a decent aftermarket one that shows my rpm and kmh, plus fuel, time, etc?
-wiring tidy up
-mirrors, can I only do bar end or?

I will upload pics when I'm with my bike, but;
Things to note (not sure of whatthe everyone else's is like nor what they might be standard):
-bike has steering dampener up near the top of forks, topside near tank (in usual place/is it normal for all zx10s or not?)
-my sprockets have been changed size wise, do I go back to stock, replace with same sizes or go 1-2 etc, up or down in size?
-side mount exhaust (not sure if this matters lol but I'll add here anyway)
-keeping as two seat so I can pillion

I'm sure there's things I've missed but will update throughout the discussion and post pics when I can so you can get a better idea
Cheers in advance for any helpful tips!
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