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Hi guys, new here and owner of recently purchased 2004 ER5 with only 4.5k on the clock back in Jan.

On servicing and checking it all over before proper use found a lot of water in the tank and carbs but had been sat practically still for nearly 20 years. Drained the lot, flushed the carbs and have since done over 1000 wonderful miles on her along the coast and up in the mountains.

Couple of days ago she started hesitating lots when low on fuel, got worse and then lost a cylinder. Checked plugs and lost cylinder was black so replaced and was firing so took out but still not right. Lots of hesitation, popping and chugging at low revs but everything was fine over 5-6k

Did some more checks and lost left cylinder again and brand new spark plug was now black!

So next up drained the carb bowls to find the carb on the left cylinder was blocked and after a few persuasive taps it dumped a load of water and orange goop ☹

After doing this it now runs better but is still popping at low revs and low load and stinks of fuel!

The bike is stored in the open and means it gets rain and sunshine which I know won’t help but it shouldn’t get that much water in the tank? Has anyone else had this issue?

Gonna run some Wynns Dry Fuel (Dry Gas) through it and have also purchased a brand new filler cap as that is the only way water can be getting in.

Before I get her drained and carbs stripped again does anyone else have any ideas or know of similar issues?

All help and suggestions appreciated - cheers folks
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