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weird stuff going on

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last week i started my bike, i rode it like 2 days before, was running
well, and it fired up and running fine, then before it was totally warmed
up i was tooling with the throttle gassing it up, waking up the
neighbors. while i was gassin it, the bike seemed to bog out and then it
died and i couldnt get it started again.

i replaced the plugs, reconditioned tha battery, checked the fule filter
and the fuel pump. she finally fired up today, after going over everything
again. and getting the battery reconditioned. so after i let it run a
little bit, it was sounding like all 4 cyclinders were not firing, the
bike sounded weak. i have a muzzy exhaust and it sounds like a tiger
purring not a allycat! so i felt the pipes of the exhaust for each of the
cylinders and only 2 of them were warm.

so i figured maybe all the plugs were not connected properly, so i went
through and checked them all! they all seemed to be good. what i have to
do is check each plug for spark, cause i didnt do that, i only did 1. im
thinking if the 2 plugs on dont spark then the coil is probaly gone
bad! if its not that, then maybe the carbs are mucked up!

i didt check one of the cylinders that seems not to be working and i
noticed some oil inside the plug well, not sure what that is , but it is
somewhat disconcerting. this is about all i have done. i dont know what
else i should do!

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First things first, pull out the spark plugs and look at them all. Oily? Stink of gas? Covered in black soot? Clean/swap them.

Try running the bike now. Any better? If yes, you're good to go. If not, try this:

This works only if its got coils and spark plug wires, not the coil stick on plug type.

Take a timing gun, and hook up the inductive pick up on one cylinder, and start the bike. Switch it from cylinder to cylinder and see if all of them are receiving spark. If two aren't getting spark, see if they are hooked up to the same coil pack. If possible, switch the coil packs, and see if now the other two cylinders go dead while the current two spring to life. If so, dead coil pack.

If not, then its time to inspect the carbs.

I didn't do it, I swear.
And even if I did, what makes you think I would admit it to you?
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blade: thanks for the input. i dont have a timing gun, that would be idealistic. switched the plugs to new plugs completely. i did notice in one of the tubes that the plugs that is not working in, seems to have some oil in it? switching the coils around is a good idea. if it is the carbs, what could be the problem with those? thanks!

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Also could be water in the tank, I just went through that 2 days ago..
Ran fine from storage for a couple days, till I got to the bottom of the tank (where water collects since it is heavier/denser then fuel)

So when I switched from main to reserve, the water got sucked in and I stalled out, the only way I could keep the bike running was to open the choke half way.

I drained the tank and carbs, and refilled it, seems fine now. To make sure you get everything out, take the fuel tap off the bottom of the tank when you have it off.

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CDN... uhhhhhh... hate to be the one to tell you this, but you need to know...

That WASN'T water.... BoyRacer peed in your tank when you weren't looking. Sorry brother...

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Another easy way to check if you are getting spark is unhook the plug wire from the plug and hold a screwdriver, wrench or anything else that is STEEL not aluminum up to the wire an little ways away from the end and crank the bike over, you should have a hot enough spark that you should easily be able to see it jump from the wire to the screwdriver.

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if your talking about alot of oil in 2 of the cylinders, you might have some serious problems. have you done a compression check yet? try that out and make sure the numbers arent dipping on those two.
the bike was running just fine all winter long. all i did that made the bike stop working was rev it up until it died out before it was warmed up, i dont think there is water in my tank, but i could put some dry gas in it. how would you go about doing a compression check? how would oil get into the cylinders? i have never had any problems with my bike ever!!!!!!

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one way to get alot of oil is to have cracked an oil ring. go get a compression tester. its a long tube with threads at one end and a guage at the other. pull your plugs(all of them) then thread the tester into each hole one at a time and crank the engine over. keep cranking till it gets as high as it can. make sure you remove ALL the plugs before checking each.

could be a valve guide too.

do you rev it up before it gets to like 150 degrees. revving on a cold engine is bad. things heat up and expand differently.
thanks josh
do you know where i can pick up one of these compression testers? how bad is it if i blew out an oil ring? or a valve guide. both sound bad! im crossing ym fingers and hoping that its just a dirty carbs. but it doesnt seem to have any power at all, and it sounds pretty badly when it runs now, like there is no power at all, if ii put it in gear and let out the clutch below 6000rpms the bike will stall out!

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well i cant hear the bike, but judging from what you say it could very well be the rings. as well as other things. go to a local auto parts store to get the comp. tester. they should have it.

ive cracked a ring(from just age/mileage) on a 1990 grand am. it would only run better as the revs came up but i noticed some serious crankcase pressures and smoke everywhere. that was a very bad case. dont know what these little pistons would act like if it happened on a 600. dont go gettin all freaked out. spend the $ on a tester, its worth it. if all the numbers are fairly close your in great shape, then you know you got a simple problem(relatively) good luck
thanks josh. i had dreams last night in my sleep that i should rip the bike apart again and clean the carbs myself and do a little testing with the coils before taking it to the shop! otherwise that is where she is headed.

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Before you blow a wad of cash on tools, check what CDN said. The exact same thing happened with the EX500 I bought last year. Ran great when I bought it. Ran great to a friend's house where we changed the oil. Ran great on the way home to my place. Ran great on my first ride around my neighbourhood (my friend had ridden it for me previously). My second ride, after about 60 seconds it just died. Nothing I did could get it started again for more than a few seconds. I had to push it home. Keep in mind, this is my first bike, I just paid a whack of cash for it, and I've got visions of blown engines dancing in my head.

My buddy (a real bike nut) took the bike to his place in a pick-up, drained the carb floats and used his carb-synching tank to run fresh fuel through the bike. Ran no problem. We drained the tank as best we could and once the remaining gas was gone it ran great once again.

I would suggest that your carbs are gummed or watered up.

its possible that i have a little water in my tank! im thinking about putting som dry gas in the tank. but i have been riding the bike all winter long and i live in nyc. it was running just fine, then i stalled it out and since then i got it started again, but the bike doesnt sound normal at all. im about to go outside and test the coils on my bike and the plugs on which i think the 2 cylinders are on that my bike isnt firing on.

thanks all!

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ok so i went out and i checked each of the 4 plugs for spark and i get spark on all 4 so that rules out the coil being bad. so it starts up, but like i said i think its only firing on 2 cylinders. but it runs, so whatever it is, it cant be that bad. do you think it would be ok to ride this to the shop which is 2 miles away like this?

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i had a similar problem on a old shadow, was only running on 1 of the 2 cylinders, after checking all the coils, resistance in the pick up thingers, stator, etc, i stuck in a new black box and it fired up right away. i did drive it home about 5 miles when it first broke too, probably wasnt good for the plug, and i check the oil when i got home and it didnt have any gas in it, and ran beautifly after the new box, so no ill effects, so youll prob be ok, just check the oil after, but dont quote me on that... :p
thanks for all the support and ideas. the bike is now running like a top. what was wrong with it was bad fuel, i ran the bike for about 5 minutes it was warmed up, throttle on full, on 2 cyclinders, and was driving it, before long it broke loose and all 4 cyclinders were running. this happened while i was taking the bike to the shop about 2 miles away. needless to say, i had it rejetted, carbs synced, oil change, coolant flush and my chain loobed! and i bought knew handlebar weights. now she is running like she used to. now i just need some new plastics! again thanks for all the feedback!

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