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My name is Emil and I am 26. I don't own a bike at the moment but at the end of May I am buying 2008 Ninja 250 as my first bike ever. I used to mountain bike and rode dirt bikes few times but never owned a motorcycle.
Few of my friends have bikes already. One with a ZX6 and other with Katana.
ZX6 rider has been riding for 6 years now and Katana for about 2 weeks. I always wanted a bike but never wanted to spend a lot of money on it. My car is a money pit but I love it so much that I cant get rid of it. Wife keeps telling me to downsize my twin turbo V6 to a 4 banger... NOT HAPPENING.
The bike that I am planning on getting is my friends 2008 250r Ninja. We agreed on a $1500 cash sale and I have money in hand now, just waiting until he gets back from school.
Well I guess this is all for now. I will try to be active here and learn as much as possible about owning a sports bike.;)
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