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What color bike would you get in 03?

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Was wondering what color bike would you choose for 03? I personally like blue and already have an 01 but if I were to get an 03 I'm thinking silver or black. <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Mine is going to be silver!!! Don't see as many of them as you do the other colors, but the blue is quite nice as well.

Don't stare too long....I don't have bumpers.
the black pearl :)

who says im not kind? just not your kind
Green is Mean !!!if I couldn't get the green then the black

Peral Black or Silver Most def... Id have to see the silver befor i bought, But the idea of my Ninja beging a shadow makes me quiver...
I wanted my zx6r 02 in black and was amazed at how little of a color selection they had yello,red/black,team green.... I went with the red/black...

I think the Green is stunning and stands out. But its only avail on the RR in the states which will be hard to find and have less HP.

So its Green, Silver, Blue, Black, (HATE RED)

I saw the new '03 after paying off my '02 and I kinda wish I'd waited. Oh well... Since there's no yellow in '03 I would have nothing other than the 6RR so I'd have to say Green is the color!
(black would have to be my second pick though)

Yellow '02 R
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