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You're going to have to hide your wiring harness, relocate your coolant overflow and generally do a lot of work to clean up the look of the bike. Like a LOT of work. But it can be done.

Then you'll need to find an aftermarket headlight and front turn signals. Once you've reached that point you may as well chop off the tail and put something on there that looks good. GSXR, CBR something... lol then paint the whole thing black polish the frame and add a set of engine guards.

Stock gauges should still work, but you'll need to figure out a mount for them.

Hey... and do yourself a favor, ditch the clip ons and install some dirt bike bars. You'll thank yourself for it!

Oooooh, and you'll need mirrors too - I vote for bar ends. Could be a sick ride with a little elbow grease.
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