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ok so im riding today and pass some guys kicken on there bikes they see me and start tappen on there heads im like ok what ever.so few min down road pass few guys riding opsite way they also tap on there helmets and point down the road.so i was like whats up with the tapping .made a u turn rode back to where the 1st set of guy where hangging out and ask ok whats the deal with the head tapping

they say it means theres a cop!! lern something new

TIPS FOR ALL RIDERS read it know it be it :::::::

trust no one on the road but your self

use your blinkers in town they will help let people know where u are going.

dont lane cut

ride in town with your brights on

Always ride in the left or middle lane -cars pull out on the right the most .

when comming to a stop flash your brakes then slow down

If a car is pulling out of somewhere and your not sure they see u slow down flash your brights and tap your horn till you know they do.

never asume a driver see"s u or has seen you.

tailgaters- roll your bike back and forth a bit when u stop so they know

Use your horn let people know your there, bikers have more reson to use them then any other driver on the road

do peek at car side view mirrors most people will check it when they change lanes

dont ride in blind spots

dont ride fast in populated areas chances are a car will pull out from some where

always scan the side of the raod both sides- for deers and cars etc.

IF YOU GO DOWN IN ANY CASE FAST OR SLOW DO NOT PANIC DO NOT JUMP RIGHT UP!!take some breths see if u feel pains or anything , make sure u are ok and feel ok ,before jumping up to save your bike ..the bike is coverd and can be fixed ((friend went down once thought he was fine till he got up and his rib snaped puncherd his lung, If you do feel pains anywhere and dont feel right about it DONT move sit right where u are dont move or remove helmet main thing is to relax take a self test what hurts etc etc then u will have the info ready for the medics also helps to keep from going into shock if hurt kinda bad.

always carry ID or medical info" blood type vary important" under the seat of your bike.make a copy put one on your self to.the more info the ER has the better they will be able to treat you .you can avoid alot of probes and cutting needles with just a little info on yourself.

in the summer always carry a bottle of water,it will fit under seat
or rear seat.its hot and in jackets /leathers u swet alot avoid heat stroke drink water.

Dont ride faster then u think u can handle

wear the right gear so what if your hot heat is nothing like getten operations head wounds cuts road rash or front end of a car etc.
drink more water !

if you wear a t shirt u may as well not wear your helmet save your self from the pain you will have when u go down cause you will wish you where dead.

if your rideing like an idot ull probly die like one to.

A safe rider is a good rider

carry tire seal can under seat if u get a flat ull be glad u got it

when riding pretend you cant be seen by anyone

do check your bike before you ride

lube that chain every 500 miles

strech befor u ride warm your body up to
few jumping jacks will help.

if your tierd pull over rest and strech a bit

if your riding with friends and there more then a mile 2 miles then your not riding together

if your riding with friends and your a newbie dont try to keep up or push your self

lern your bike from top to bottem

practise slow riding alot ---Most bike drops are done under 5 mph

put both feet down when going vary slow or on slants or pulling bikes out of car ports garages etc

carry a small damp cloth to wipe the bugs off the visor of your helmet
when u need to

if your riding and think to your self hum wonder if i should do that
then you shouldnt

the most dangerous corner is any blind corner

crashing at 30mph is like jumping from a 4 story building would u jump without gear ?

bikes dont kill people ,people kill bikes.

forgod sakes get all the papers you need to be on the road legaly

BIKES KILL bottem line

77% of all crashes can be avoided. will u be one of the 77%

Its up to you ;)

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That post makes a lot of sense, and is full of info new riders need to memorize. Good job, the best way to learn is from experience, and if some people would just listen to those with experience half the ignorant squid suicides that occur out there wouldn't happen.

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yeah, all that stuff mentioned above was covered in msf. msf class has saved me a few times.

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Is there a list of common mototcycle hand signals?

One time I had a guy making an "OK" symbol with one hand, but he was opening and closing his fingers. Had no clue what it meant. Later I learned that meant I left my turn signal on. LOL. Changed to a tinted windscreen and then it's much easier to see if you left a turn signal on.

Maybe we can have a thread for common motorcycle signals?


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Originally posted by dj dunzie

And here I was thinking that the tap on the bucket meant please ride on rear wheel only for the next 2 miles... d'oh !!!
Maybe when a cop does it to you :D. The first time I saw someone doing that I thought they had a bug in their helmet or something. After we stopped I found out it meant cop. Doh!!
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