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Alright, i have an 03 636, uptill now i have upgraded to this...
1. Rear Fender Eliminator Kit
2. Hindle Highmount Oval Titanium Slip on
3. Zx Carbon Grips
4. Zx Carbon Tank pad
5. Smoke Tint Zero Gravity Windscreen
6. Front Flushmount Signals

What next guys...i want to get my bike more custom, and just little things, i mean i didn`t do anything to the engine yet, but i`m going to wait ti`ll the winter for that, but i`ll still take suggestions.

So what have you guys done already, or what do you have in mind, or what woudl be sweet..and if you have some ideas, try to put pics, or links for what your talking about.
Thanks in Advance guys and gals:D
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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