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What's The Earliest Year Bolt-on I Can get

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for my 02 zx-6r. Does anyone know when Kawasaki or if Kawasaki every changed there Bolt-on pattern. I see some nice 95-99 bolt-ons around for a good price and always wonder ifthey will fit on my 2002....

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I think 00 is the earlist you can go, when I got my slip in it said 2000 zx6r. I don't think they are the same but I never looked into it.

The best thing to do is to find a exhaust site and see how they group the years, if there a different part numbers for differents years then 00 and up are the only pipes available for you.
thats the starnge thing, I tried this and some sites had a 97-99 with the same part number and some didn't. This is strange...

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I just looked at a few sites too, Looks like 97 to 99 is the same, 00 - 02 have different part numbers which means you can't attach pipes from a 99 and lower.

If you're interested I still have my mint stock pipe. Slips ons are pretty cheap, $250 and up. D&D pipes are good, nothing fancy, polished and about $250

I like the micron slipons color fade to polished
Hey Localbar,

I recommend any manufacturer your thinking about and just given them a call. The pipes look identical to me, but I'm not sure. However I am still running stock myself. Next month I am looking to put in Ivan's Jet Kit and his recommendation of 98-99 Muzzy stainless system with Stainless Can. www.ivansperformanceproducts.com Check out those numbers! Anyway I will be making some Dyno runs in near future myself. I hope it looks like that chart.
Wow!!! those numbers do look good. I have a Pro Factory Jet kit and D&D slip-on my bike. I also have a few other goodies that make my bike a sneaky little bastard.

But these days I am not really into speeding like I used to be. There were days when I hit full throttle MAX SPEED, I rarely see 140 mph anymore.

I cruise with Sally most of the time now, she's on a 250 and max speed is 110. Just the other night her and I was coming home late at night, there were no cars on the road. Unexpectedly she opened up her bike and hit 110, I was impressed..
wish i could get my girlfriend on a bike. she won't even sit on mine when it is parked. she has said she wants a scooter though, one of those honda metropolitan scoots. maybe if she gets one, she'll progress to a bike...

billy m.
1998 ZX6R
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Billy, take an MSF course with your girl. Just tell her you want to refresh her skills and ask if she wants to come along. They supply the bikes and everything. She will have so much fun she will want a bike. MSF courses are free in PA (AFAIK) but you might have a waiting lists.

That's what I did....and my girl bought a 1986 ex250, then a year later bought a 2002 ex250.

I don't think most girls will ever be as "hardcore" as us guys can be about bikes, but it's nice to go riding once and awhile with your girlfriend.

My Drinking Team Has a Racing Problem!
I had a Yosh RS-3 on my 99 zx-6r. Then I got a 02 zx-6r and figured I'd install my pipe, or sell it if it didn't work. Well, no need for that, the pipe fit on no prob and works great. So I'd say most any pipe (at least a Yosh) from at least 98+ will fit.
Hahah.. yeah.. I know what you mean Dave :) You should seen the grin on Nina's face when she got off the bike after going 110 at Jones.. I was pretty surprised.. a month ago she was still afraid to do over 50.. She's been itching to ride a 600 which I won't let her though..<img src=icon_smile_evil.gif border=0 align=middle>
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