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What's this loose hose?

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Hey, today I found my dog chewing on a black hose, just beside the kickstand, I didn't find any place where it could fit, I'm wondering where does it belong?, can I plug it back? if not, can I ride my bike to the shop to have it repaired?


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I don't have an er but you'll find its just an overflow pipe, could be fuel, battery expansion tank. There's probably a clip for it if you take a look
Just overflow. No need to worry. It came from the factory that way ;)

And you're welcome for being saved from a very embarrassing moment at the dealership...haha
Thank you guys, yeah it would be embarrassing, I've never noticed it before! No wonder why it didn't spill anything. Thank you again.
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There are two hoses exiting near the kick stand. One is the vent for the fuel tank - overfill the tank and you'll see fuel spilling from it - and the other is the airbox drain. Neither of them connects to anything except at the other end.

FYI: the airbox drain hose is the clear one w/ a cap at the end (at least on my ER6N) ... the one you're looking sure looks like the fuel tank vent hose
Mine were both black and the airbox drain wasn't plugged - should have been really. It probably depends on model year.

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If you remove the fuel tank you'll find 2. One is the vent pipe and the other the overflow pipe. There's a 3rd much fatter clear pipe with a plug in the end which is connected to the airbox drain.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts