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My name's Tyson. I'm 20. Grew up riding dirt bikes. Been riding my Kawasaki Green 2002 ZX6R since Late November 2011. I bought it right in Richmond, Virginia and man was this bike mint(was :(). I rode it all the way to Slidell, Louisiana(20 minutes from New Orleans). Boy was that a ride...

Anyways, I got it with 15 thousand and some change and now I'm up to 28,000. Most of the miles are from 2012 due to me laying it down the beginning of this year. Hit a small patch of sand at 80mph when I was at a very high lean angle in a corner with a front tire that had maybe 10% tread left.. Yeah, lesson learned. But at the time I was wearing all my leathers and made it out with a couple bruises and a nickel sized scrape on the bottom left of my right palm... or maybe it was the opposite..? Idk.

Every fairing ended up with cracks. The front and side fairings were useless, when it rolled(Rolled one time -__-) the lower engine case cracked wide open right at the clutch cover, bent clip on and fairing stay, broken headlight tabs, bent the front rim, and a bunch of odds and ends were broken as well.

After a few months of gathering the parts needed, I put everything back together to get it ready to ride, as well as picked up a set of low mileage front forks to replace my old ones which were seeping oil extremely bad from excessive wheelies. I also ended up buying a low mileage( 8,9xx) motor out of a 2007 ZZR600 and swapping it out.

Now the bike is fairingless, waiting for me to come across a good condition front fairing to finish it off.

Mods include
-Factory Pro +2* timing advancer
-Dyno Jet Jet kit
-Yoshi slip on
-Rear sprocket changed to a 42T from a 40T(perfect)
-Rear tire hugger
-Hotbodies undertail
-Motodynamic integrated LED tail light

Couple questions:

Are there any other worthwhile mods to pick up some more power? (I know of the Euro CDI, but can't find one)

Is it worth removing the KLEEN system?

I'm debating going with a 03-04 636 header and slip on. Is the 636 header less restrictive?

I'll upload pics at a later date.

If anyone knows where a used, good condition, never wrecked OEM front fairing/cowl for a ZX600J1 thru J3, or even a new blank/unpainted one. Please let me know. Color does not matter.
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