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Well, since you have all that Kawasaki credit, you might want to check out the Versys. It was just named Motorcyclist magazine's Bike Of The Year. It's a fairly tall bike, has an upright seating position and the small windscreen is supposed to work a lot better than it looks. Might just fit a big guy like you.
I'm not keen on that tall look of it though. It seems a little too gangly, or gaunt, kinda motard-ish. Not my cup of tea. If the wheels were a few inches taller and the bike were stretched out some, I might feel different about it. Too bad though, the specs and info look really good on paper, just not in person. But thats just my opinion, and it matters not to anyone else. :)

Oh yeah, the taller upright I sit, the dorkier I look unless the bike is LOW LOW LOW. A majority of my height is in my torso to the top of my head. My legs are short, I wear 32" pants only because I like them to cover my shoes. I fit fine in 30" inseam.

I am kinda proportioned like this, but I am 6'3", whiter, uglier, and I have more body hair:

61 - 61 of 61 Posts
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