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wheelie troubles

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well lately i have been starting to pop the wheel up in first gear. I ride at about 30 mph and let off the gas real quick then back on. The front usually jumps up only a few inches or so, but i like the feeling. I have done a few where the wheel comes up a foot or two and they scared the hell out of me. My problem is when i pull them up past a foot i feel like i have no control, and the bike could loop at any second. Is there something i can do to practice to loose this looping feeling.

I'm not sure if the looping feeling is coming from my actuall loop that i had two months ago. It was my first time trying wheelies and i was clutching it in first gear, and to say the least, i got extremely carried away, and looped the bitch. I was pretty pissed at my self.

Its just when i get the bike up past a foot it feels like the thing could go over any second.

should i practice the rear brake? i don't even comprehend shuting the throttle off, its seems like everything is happening so fast. I don't even think i shut the throttle off.

any comments. sorry for the rambling on.
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I would keep practicing, the "looping" feeling will go away once you become more comfrtable with the bike. If your wheel is only a foot off the ground you are no where near loopin the bike. If you are rolling onto 30mph, and then crackin the throttle open, u should be comin up way above 1 foot or even a few inches....

Do not use your rear brake...

And, don't clutch first gear, first gear has way too much torque. If you feel as if the bike is gonna loop out, lean forward a little bittle and let go of the throttle, the bike will come down nice and slow. In first, expect the front end to pop up really quick....Don't get it full throttle, give like somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 thorttle...

Start small......


A wise man once said worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives ya something to do, but doesn't soplve the problem!!!
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I've just been reading the English "Superbike" mag and it has an artical on doing wheelies and the writer is on an zx6r 636
If you want I can scan it and e-mail it to you.
Its about 5 pages so there's alot in it.
thanks bro, but no thanks. I already have that article and read it religiously! i re-read that damn thing every other day hopeing that i will be able to wheelie better after reading it for the hundredth time...lol<img src=icon_smile_clown.gif border=0 align=middle>

i'll get it though... i already feel a little more comfortable after practicing yesterday <img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle>
i've been riding for about two years. And im taking my time learning how to wheelie. I can consistently get the the front wheel up, but holding it there is where i belive you jus gotta take ur time... I think looking at your rpm's is more effective than looking at ur speedometer...

i goto about 6000 - 6500 rpm. you feel where the bike is ready to pump out a buncha power, this is where you jus let the gas off for a split second but bring it right back and then some... the wheel will come up, now balancing it is the next step.

one thing i noticed is... when you start from 0, goto 6000 rpm pretty quickly then do the wheelie right away, i think the bike comes up easier because of the 'rocking' motion from such a quick acceleration to letting go of the gas, then straight to gas...

the higher you bring the rpm's initially, the harder you have to gas it to bring the front up. The faster you go before you wheelie, the harder, but more gradually, your front will come up...

its hard to explain, but you'll feel it... just keep 'popping' the front wheel up, and eventually you'll get a feel for the balance.

I hope this makes sense, im not very good at explanations...
take ur time tho, and always wear full gear...
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Your saying that you can get the bike up a foot or two...more than likely your not even a foot in the air. I had my GF video tape me doing wheelies and the wheelies that i thought were a foot or two in the air were only about 9 inches up. Now, i can wheelie it and carry it to redline if i wanted to. just keep at it, and the key for me is to go to 6k RPMs, and cut it then nail it....also i have my bike jetted so that helps a bit<img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>
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