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Hey, im new to the site and im loving it. Im almost completely new to bikes(but i read this forum) and i decided to get a 2002 zx-250r for a starting bike until im ready to handle the 6r <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>. Well i went to my local kawa dealer today and they said cheapest they can give it out the door is 3700, it seems a lot but im not experienced with bikes so should i go out there and buy it or look for a better deal?
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Hey DJ6

So your looking at a EX-250, a few of us here also have a 250.


Pretty sure a few others too!

depending on where you are you should be able to get on out the door for $3500

Motorcycle is 2999
tax is about 240
tags 100

Find out why is it so much get a list of all the charges and we'll tell you which ones are BS.

They don't make a lot of money off the 250's so they try and stick you with BS fees.

Why a 2002 and not a 2003? the 2003 are already on the showroom floor.

If you do decide to go with a 250 check out this site:

Good Luck
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Sole difference between 2002 and 2003 ninja 250, as far as I can tell, is paint color. 2003 offers blue-ish... looks good. By the way, the EX500R (2003 is a deep, rich blue, whereas the 2002 was intense, lovely, red) is a good pick. Gotta lotta power, once broken in so you can use all its range. First 800-1000 miles, you're pretty limited, and factory manual recommended shift points seem (based on the bikes response)to be silly. The bike feels as if it's "lugging" all the time. I don't know how they worked out those shift speeds, but they just don't "work". Once the bike is broken in- and DO use a lot of reasonably aggressive,pretty-wide-open throttle during break-in, to set the gears' mating faces) it'll take off 'slong as you juice the throttle. Otherwise traffic will become impatient with you!

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hey dj6, did u ever think about buying used? Just because I started out last year on my 250 ninja and dropped it because of my lack of experience. Also, I'm currently selling my '01 green 250(3600miles) for $1500 obo. just thought i'd throw that in there;)

--- '03 zx6r
Yeah Silver 6R, I agree about the used. I bought a '99 Ninja 500 last year practically brand new for $3K. Awesome bike, just want a bit more.

Hey Dj6, have you thought about a 500 instead? You will grow out of the 250 REAL fast, probably too fast. I'm selling my 500 this Spring.

Have fun and be safe!

2002 Yellow 6R
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